Dear Zach Rosado

Dear Zach Rosado,

On the eve of your Wedding day, I found myself feeling a bit nostalgic.  Because, after all, I realized that I’ve known you since you were in my Fifth Grade Sunday School class.  And while saying that makes me feel old, in most ways tonight, I’ve realized that it also makes me realize what an incredible blessing it’s been to know you for these past twelve years.


Jeremy and I had the privilege of meeting you when we first moved to Eastport.

You were probably the most energetic, fun, fun-loving and lively kid I’ve ever met.


From an early age, you had a way of doing things the way you wanted and being quite comfortable in your own skin.


Looking back through old pictures, I realized that we’ve gone a lot of places with you over the years.  A few of those places included Upstate New York for a weekend at Camp of the Woods.


Many, many trips to Pennsylvania for Breakaway.

(I should note that most of the kids in this picture graduated from College this past year.  Another thing which makes me feel just a bit old.)


Washington D.C. for the DCLA Youth Conference



Boston, with lots of Parkour.


Puerto Rico for a Missions Trip.  You walked the streets of San Juan and handed out free hugs.


You also hung out with these cool kids.


And you played in the mud and built a wall.


Also, I’m pretty sure you threw mud in my eye.


And while the trips were great, many of the times we spent with you were just doing regular things.

You always kept the Men’s Softball bench lively.


Once painted yourself glow in the dark green,


And once crawled out a tiny tree house window.  Life knowing you was always very entertaining.


My favorite times were seeing you be a good friend to our kids.



I also loved seeing you look out for your younger sister.


And you were an instrumental part of our Youth Group for your Jr. and Sr. High years.  It was here that we saw more of the best part of you and that is the part that had a desire to love and serve God.


Zach, tomorrow you are getting married.  And tonight, as I reflect, I pray that you will take into your marriage, your amazingly fun personality


And your continued desire to do all of the great things that God has in store for you.


Zach, I’m so excited for you and Alexa and for the beginning of your marriage.  Know that having a great marriage is amazing, but it’s also very hard.  Be willing to put in the hard work.  Know that you and Alexa will have your ups and downs, but let Jesus be your constant.  Let him strengthen your marriage so that together, you and Alexa will be strong and bring more glory to God together than you would ever have been able to do individually.  Zach, know that Jeremy and I love you very much.  We are so thankful that God let us be a part of your life for so many years.  We will be praying for you and Alexa and we wish you all the very best on your wedding day tomorrow.


Laura and Jeremy Herr


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

2 thoughts on “Dear Zach Rosado”

  1. This is a spectacular restrospective on a very special person who you, Laura, Jeremy and EBC nurtured into the person he is today. I do not know him personally but your photos and captions give the world a very good idea. I hope to see my Sarah in such a beautiful retrospective one day, for all the right reasons!! Keep up the beautiful work Laura…

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