Pool Texts

Growing up, Summer Vacation meant one thing:  Playing outside.  My sisters and I would wake up and check the outside thermometer.  If it was 70 Degrees or above, we knew it was wearing shorts weather.  We’d eat breakfast and then go play outside.  My mom would call us in for lunch, and then we’d go and play outside some more.  It was how we spent most of our summer days.  We had bikes, a swing set and each other.  And it was awesome.

Our neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Winsemius, had a pool.  And our absolute favorite summer days were when they would graciously invite us over to swim.  We’d splash around, slide down their slide and jump off their diving board.  It was about as good as it got on those hot Michigan summer days.

All that being said, this morning, I was working hard.  Because basically, I have to pack up our entire family for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica.  So I’ve been organizing, and laundering and all the other odds and ends that come with trips away.  I had made plans to meet up with a friend at her pool, but when I got the text that she had to work, I was only a little disappointed.  Because I knew all of the things that needed to get done today.  Ellee, however, was devastated.  Because like little me, she loves a good pool day.  She loves swimming and jumping and cooling off in beautiful and clear, blue chlorinated pool water.

So, you can imagine her delight, when minutes after our first pool date fell through, another friend texted an invitation to come and play at another pool.  And even though I knew I still had things to get done, I realized that pool texts are awesome and that when friends beckon you to come and hang out, you go.

So we did.  We met up at our beautiful friend Lillian’s home with Vanessa and her sweet little girl.


Vanessa has been our family friend for years and it was a special treat to get to see her and catch up, all within the realm of a pool playdate.  The kids played for an hour or so, and the moms talked and shared and encouraged.


And I write this all to say that good things are happening this summer.  And we’ll always have the option, to stand on the sidelines.  To get our houses clean, knowing that it will be just moments before they are messy again.  To watch the world go by, but not be brave, or outgoing enough to jump in.  To believe that organizing things and stuff are more important than being with friends.


But this summer, I’m advocating.  Jump in.  Make pool play dates.  Meet up with friends.  Moms, especially.  This is something that is so important for us to do.  Because we aren’t alone.  And being with others can be so encouraging.  Truth is, our houses will still be there.  Laundry will still need to get done.  And it will.  But make the most of these summer days.


Because all too soon, they will be over.  That being said, I need to run and drop Christian off at a friends house, and then probably pick up where I left off in getting things packed and ready for our trip.  Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing day!


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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