Dads are Awesome

So, in my opinion, Father’s Day deserves a tribute and this is mine.

I wanted to start out with a shout out to my Dad.  For twenty two years of my life, he was the most important man I knew and loved.  He loved me, taught me about Jesus and worked hard to provide for our family.  We shared a mutual love for reading and the hush puppies at Long John Silvers.  My favorite times spent with my Dad were camping up North, riding roller coasters and having him teach our Sunday School class and tell us all sorts of stories from when he was younger.


My all time favorite memory with my Dad was probably when he walked me down the aisle at my wedding.  Jeremy and I both wrote tributes to our parents (which was a terrible idea, at least as far as my makeup was concerned…  I cried the entire way through mine).  I told my Dad that I prided myself on being my Father’s daughter and thanked him for the lessons that he had taught me and for how they helped to shape me into the woman that I had become.  I was and still am incredibly thankful blessed to have my Dad in my life.


As blessed as I was to have my Dad, I’ve been so thankful to know that our kids will be able to have that same gratitude because of theirs.

So, Jeremy was a pretty fantastic Dad right from the start.  He was the first person to hold our babies and to whisper love to them seconds after they were born.  He also initiated them pretty early on with his love for sports.  He rocked Christian through most of that epic Yankee/Red Sox series that happened in 2004.  The Red Sox were down 3-0 and then came back to win it all.  I’d like to think that Jeremy and newborn baby Christian cheered them on to that victory.


I loved watching Jeremy in his early Daddy years.  He rocked Dad paraphernalia with the best of them and also introduced Christian to thrilling life experiences that came in the form of the kiddie slides at Splish Splash.


He was there, loving and supporting our family in so many ways and I’m so thankful for that.


By the time Ellee came around, he was a pro.  Again, there to hold and cuddle and tell our babies that they were loved, not only by us, but most of all, by Jesus.  Jeremy has made sure nearly every night of their lives to tell them these truths and to pray with them.


I’d like to think that it’s seeped into their little hearts and will hopefully stay there forever.


I think in many ways, that Jeremy has been such an amazing father, because he too was blessed to have an amazing father as well.  Jeremy’s Dad taught his children about Jesus and was so loving and caring and it’s something that definitely tricked down into his sons’ lives.


I praise God that Jeremy has been an incredible Dad.  He’s been there for so many important times in our kids’ lives.


He’s cared for and carried them through many trials.


He’s coached their teams.


And always given them so much love and support.


He’s even shared a few crafty moments along the way as well.  Which shows that he’s willing to step outside of his comfort zone to meet his children where they are at.  That’s an important things for Dads to do.


Most of all, he’s loved them enough, to teach them and train them.  He’s passed on his love for Jesus and for following God’s plan for his life.  It’s something that our kids see on a daily basis and I pray that God will use these lessons to richly bless their lives.


So happy Father’s Day to all of the awesome Dads out there and especially to the ones in our lives.


Thank you for all of the hard work that you put in, and for loving and supporting your children through the good times and the bad.  We love you so much.  Happy Father’s Day to you!


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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