So this would be my honest post. The one where I share that there’s been quite a few times in the past month really, that I’ve just wanted to give up and run away. Because the busyness of my life has been completely overwhelming. And it’s really just seemed like too much to handle at times.

I hate to complain. Because the truth is, I really do love my life. I love everything that I get to do. I love my family so much. I love being a Pastor’s wife. And I love getting to take pictures of amazing people and amazing events.

But there have been times this month that I know I’ve let my family down. How is it, that the people that we want to give our very best to, are the people that sometimes just get our worst?

And as far as church things go, I’ve really, really loved the ministry opportunities that I’ve had this past month. We started up a new series called Family Matters and each week had a skit that went along with the message. I worked with Jeremy and we put together each of the five skits and also worked weekly Skit practices into our already full schedules. In addition, we added a children’s K-6th program called Superhero Sundays so after the first half of our service, I’d head down with a group of 16 or so amazing kids and do our own Kids Church downstairs. I added this to my weekly routines of Moms Group, Sunday Night Small Groups, Youth Group and Hangtime and it definitely made for some full weeks.

Along with all of that, we had a lot of end of the year events at Christian and Ellee’s Schools and I had a variety of photography jobs in-between everything else. And when I look at it all, I know there’s been so much good going on. I’m thankful for our kids and their awesome schools. I’m super thankful for my photography business and the amazing people that I work with. But collectively, it’s resulted in many times of feeling completely overwhelmed.


All that being said, the best way that I’ve found to deal with these feelings, are to replace them by being overwhelmed with who God is, how amazing He is and how many blessings He’s brought in-between the busyness.

Our family has had some pretty awesome moments this past month. Our kids are learning and struggling, but growing and thriving. Despite my crazy mom moments. And Jeremy and I have loved going to their schools and their track practices and supporting them and cheering them on.

And I really think that our church has been blessed through the Family Matters series. At the very least, our congregation was terribly amused by our family skits. But I think that at the most, we’ve been challenged. To look at our families and how we interact with each other. And to love and serve each other because Jesus loved and served us. And our Superhero Series gave the kids in our church the chance to have fun, and to learn about a variety of Bible Superheroes, in an active and impactful way.

There will be times in our lives that we are overwhelmed. And it has the potential to consume us or to cause us to give in. But shifting our perspective and being overwhelmed with the good is one way to get through the tough times. In closing, I just wanted to share a song that has resonated so deeply within my heart this month. Hopefully it will encourage yours too.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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