Many Spring Things

So, the past few days have been filled with many Spring things that I thought I’d share here.


Hangtime continues to be one of the highlights of my week.  We’ve had so many wonderful students and helpers join us for an incredible first year.  We have three more weeks left and I’m so excited to finish strong.








My favorite part of this week’s Hangtime was the small groups that we had at the end.  We had so many amazing helpers come this week to spend time with the kids and encourage them.




Spring Concert

So, after Hangtime on Wednesday, Christian has his annual Spring Concert for choir.  And I realized that afternoon that he didn’t have any black pants that still fit him.  Knowing we would be limited for time, I basically had three options.  1.  Try to convince him to wear black waterproof track pants.  To my credit, they kind of would have looked okay from a distance.  Unfortunately, when he tried them on, they made a loud swishing sound when he walked (because of the material) and I realized they were out.  2.  For a few minutes I entertained the idea of taking some of Jeremy’s old dress pants and somehow sewing them into a new pair of pants for Christian.  Since I was able to take in Ellee’s weirdly huge Field Day shirt and have it come out okay, I thought it might be doable.  Then I realized that I wasn’t a tailor and that it would probably be disastrous.  So, I had to go with option number 3.  And that was, as soon as we got home from Hangtime, drive out to buy a pair of suitable black pants for Christian.  Thankfully we found the perfect pair and had just enough time to get them, come home and wash them and get to the concert on time.


The concert choir, by the way, was awesome.  Mostly thanks to this man.  Brett Frederick is the world’s greatest choir director.  He is fun, the kids love him and he always does an outstanding job for these concerts.




As you can see, the concert was fun, and everyone did a wonderful job.


The World’s Greatest Sport that I Convinced Our Kids to Try

So, this spring, both of our kids are doing track.  And I could not be happier.


I first convinced this handsome guy to try it.  He had some friends that were going to do it too and with his long legs and the fact that we’d run a few 5Ks together, I figured it would be a great fit.  And it was.  He’s never come home from practices happier than he is with track and I am so proud of him.


It took a big more convincing with this one.  When I bribed her last week with a McDonalds M&M Flurry, she finally said she would try.  And though it wasn’t easy, she finished and I could see her confidence starting.  When I gave her no bribe or no option to not try this week, thankfully she was good to go.


And watching our kids both do new and hard things, I could not be prouder.

2015-05-29_019 2015-05-29_020

I have to give a huge shout out to Coach Corbett too.  He is amazing with the kids and he makes the track practices so fun.  He’s constantly teaching them great things and I truly appreciate all of the work that he puts in to this fantastic program.


And last, but not least…  How playing Handball at Youth Group kind of looks like a funny dance

Right after track, we stopped by to check out game time at Youth Group.  The kids were having fun and it looked a little bit like this:





All in all, I am enjoying the many fun things that are happening this Spring.  Though tiring at times, we have so much to do and so much to be thankful for.  I know this busyness will flow right into June which is just around the corner and full of end of the year School and church activities.  It’s all good though and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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