Dear 8 Year Old Ellee,

First of all, your Mama loves you.  Secondly, I’ve come to a realization today and I’m ready to wave my white flag of surrender.  Because lately, we’ve been having these morning battles.  Mostly about clothes and hair.  And to my credit, I’m mostly just concerned that you won’t match, or that you’ll be too hot or too cold, or that your half brushed “I did it myself” hairdos will cause someone to think that your mom just doesn’t care.  It’s kind of silly, I know.


But dear girl, I’ve had a realization.  Because someday you’ll be all grown up.  And I won’t get to see your sweet smiling 8 year old face every morning.  Because you’ll be on your own, or have your own home and even someday your own little girl to dress and love and look out for.  And for now, I’m realizing, that I just want to enjoy you as you.  I don’t want to have those morning battles anymore.  So I’m going to start letting go of my ideals and start trusting your sweet and creative intuitions.


If you want to wear all purple outfits, I’ll leave that up to you.  Because in many ways, your individual style is yours and the confidence that you show is something to be credited.  I love the way that you don’t really care about what others think and I pray that you will continue to find that confidence in who God has created you to be.


And also, if you’re comfortable enough to wear your jammies to the gym, why not?  You’ve been a 50/50 mix over the past few years, or either dressed up fancy or just super comfortable in your pajamas and that is fine with me.


I don’t suppose that we are completely alone in our mother/daughter clothing battles.  And I’m not saying that we won’t have more of our share over the years.  But I am saying, that at 8 years old, I want to support and love your individual style.  I want to take joy and pride in continuing to watch you grow into a lovely young lady who has her own sense of flair and who is happy just being herself.

I love you so much, dear girl.

Love, Mommy


Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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