Everyone’s Mom is Awesome

I’ve come to a conclusion.  Everyone’s Mom is awesome.  It only took me about two minutes of scrolling through people’s Facebook Mother’s Day posts to realize that.  I loved seeing everyone’s pictures and quotes and tributes to their mothers.  Because let’s be honest.  Being a mom is awesome.

I’m kind of multiply blessed on Mother’s Day.  First, because I had a birth mom.  For whatever reason, she wasn’t able to care for me and signed me over to a Korean Baby center a few days after I was born.  I give her so much credit for that sacrifice and will always have gratitude for the difficult choice that she made.  Secondly, because I have my real mom.  You know, the one that loved me before she knew me and raised me well.  The one that taught me things and put up with my sass.  The one that fed and clothed and sacrificed her own needs and wants so that I could have everything I needed.  The one who loved me through every good and bad day.  That mom.


She raised three daughters who also turned out to be pretty great moms.  Like my older sister Leslie.  Who will have her eighth baby most likely this week.  When I talked to her the other day, there she was, nine months pregnant, making strawberry shortcake while catching up with me.  She sailed through our conversation, amidst laughs and cries coming from her other seven and I think I will always have such admiration for all that she is able to accomplish when it comes to motherhood.


Then there is my sister Sarah.  With her five little ones.  She’s the one that I called when Ellee slammed her finger in the door, and she’s the one who took time to reassure me that everything would be okay and that Ellee’s finger wouldn’t fall off.  She hosted her in laws and my sisters family today for Mother’s Day and she is kind of amazing like that.  I love and miss her and am proud of her and her many babies.  Which is what I call her five kids, six and under.


I’m blessed to have a beautiful Mother in Law.  I’ve been so thankful for the times that we’ve been able to get together, despite an entire country that separates our families (she lives on the west coast and we are on the east).  She raised my husband and his siblings well and deserves a great batch of appreciation on this special day.  I know that her youngest son will be calling to wish her a happy day, as soon as he is able to wake up from his afternoon nap.  To his credit, he did get in at 8:40am this morning, after traveling for about 18 or so hours to get home from Israel.  After attending church and picking up sushi for his wife, he was out cold.  I’m hoping the time change will catch up with him soon and am so happy that he is back home with us.


Through Jeremy’s family, I also have three beautiful sister in laws.  Alicia, who’s in Michigan is a wonderful mom who along with working keeps up beautifully with her two amazing kids.  I love seeing her posts on Facebook about the tournaments and sports and activities that she attends for her son and daughter.  She’s active and beautiful and strong and I’m so thankful for her.


I’ve always enjoyed times with Heather, especially when we get to visit her in her beautiful home state of Arizona.  She’s probably the best shopper I know and had a fun and happy heart that everyone loves.  She’s wise and hard working and I admire the gifts and talents that God has blessed her with.


And then there’s sweet Kylene.  A first time Mother’s Day participant and a fantastic mother as well.  Spending the last week with her and Baby Jae was a great gift and I learned so much about babies and the best possible ways to raise them these days.  I adore Ky and am so proud of the wonderful mother that she is.


And my goodness.  If I started to write about the amazing moms that I am blessed to know in New York, it would probably take me days.  Because I know many of them, and they are the constant blessings to my life.  Their support and encouragement and wisdom keeps me going and it’s a great sisterhood of motherhood, if that makes any sense. (also, it should be noted, that Amber and Emily are not mothers, but probably will be amazing ones someday.)


And then there is me.  Motherhood was an unexpected gift that came over ten years ago when God gave us Christian in His perfect timing.  It’s something that has brought joy and tears.  I’ll be honest, I’ve failed so many times at it.  But God in his grace has brought beauty into every one of those failures.  He’s taught me priceless lessons through my children and I could not be more thankful for them.


It’s kind of awesome.  Because as moms we all struggle.  But in some sort of Mother’s Day amnesia, our kids still praise and love us so unconditionally on this day.  Ours celebrated me so preciously and beautifully.  Christian drained his life savings of $13 to buy me my favorite treats from Target.  Ellee worked her hardest to make so many school and church Mother’s Day gifts, those being the ones that I love the most anyways.


In conclusion.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms out there.  Everyone’s mom is awesome and every mom is awesome too.  I hope you all enjoy an incredible day, celebrating a job that brings tears at times, but mostly joy.  I’m thankful and blessed to know so many amazing moms and knowing we are all in this together makes it quite an incredible day.


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

One thought on “Everyone’s Mom is Awesome”

  1. You have such a gift with words and pictures Laura.
    I really enjoyed how you put all the sisters, sister-in-laws and moms all together in one story.
    Laura Gauldin

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