My Mother’s Days

I’m happy to share it’s been a busy few weeks since Jeremy left for Isreal.  Happy, I suppose, because the time has gone by really fast.  One of the main reasons it’s gone by fast is because of the wonderful family members that we’ve had come to visit.  Jeremy’s sister Ky and Baby Jae were here for about a week, and my parents stopped in to spend about four days with us as well.


During their visit, we’ve been able to enjoy some pretty fun days.  Yesterday, while the kids were in school, we drove up to Robinson’s Tea Room for a delicious lunch.  I’m proud of myself because I actually got tea this time (I don’t really drink coffee or tea for the most part).  I tried some sort of coconut chocolate concoction and it was delicious.


My sweet mom opted for Hot Chocolate.  And it was delicious as well.  I have to say, with Mother’s Day coming up, it was really special to get to spend a few days with mine.  Since she lives in Michigan, our times together are few and far between.  So I always try to make the most out of the times that we do have.


Today, I was able to give her an early Mother’s Day present.  It came in the form of her very first pedicure.


I had tried to get her to get ones before, but she wasn’t thrilled at the idea.  But when I finally talked her into getting one, I think she enjoyed it quite a lot.  Or at least she was amused by it.


Sitting together are the drying table and talking with my Mom was a fantastic memory.  I commemorated it with a selfie in the mirror with my big camera.  And as silly as that was, I know I’ll be glad for the memory.


Oh.  And I’m happy to share that our toes turned out very fun as well.


Afterwards, we walked over to Pete’s Bagels for, well, bagels.  My parents have a Big Apple Bagel by their house, but when they are in town, I always have to make sure that they get the real thing.  Afterwards, we headed out to do what we’ve always loved to do… shop.


We’ve had some great days together this past week and I’m so thankful that my parents were able to travel out to see us.  They head back to Michigan tomorrow.  I’m especially thankful for the fun days that I got to spend with my Mother and wish her the very best Mother’s Day, a few days early.


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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