Adventures at Wahlburgers

So, if you happen to watch a bit of reality TV, like Jeremy and I do, you might have heard about a show called Wahlburgers on A&E.  It’s a show about the Wahlburg family and it’s awesome because it’s about food and family, two of my favorite things.  When Ky and I decided to take a trip up to Boston, I asked her if she might want to go to the actual restaurant, and she totally did.  Because she had seen the show and was just as excited to check it out.


After driving an hour from Concord to Hingham, we finally got to Wahlburgers.  And we were pretty excited, to say the least.


We found a random stranger and asked her to take a picture for us.  And she did.  And it was a smidge blurry, but it was totally fine because we were able to commemorate our adventure in a picture.


The employees at Wahlburgers were super nice and helpful.


And the restaurant was fantastic.  It was bright and clean and fun.


And the food?  It was incredible.  Ky and I got the Turkey Burger to share with a side of sweet potato tots and another side of fries.  The turkey burger especially was flavorful and delicious and it was pretty much everything that I had hoped it would be.


After dinner, our plan was to walk over to check out Alma Nove and to hopefully sit down for dessert, making the very most of our little adventure.  Unfortunately, when we got there, it was super busy and we realized that we would have needed to make a reservation.


And so okay.  I’m not going to lie.  The main reasons that we went were to enjoy good food but also to hopefully meet Paul Wahlburg.  Because if you ask me, he is the heart of that family.  He comes from a family of nine, with two of his brothers being pretty famous, but when you watch the show, he completely stands out.  In each episode, you him always being such a hard worker and you also see the many ways that he loves his family.  You see that in his words and actions, he is the heart that keeps it all together.  And I think that is why we really wanted to meet him.

So, after realizing that we wouldn’t be able to get dessert (because we had to get on the road) we did decide to do what you do when you want to meet someone.  You ask.  And the ladies at the Alma Nove were so incredibly nice and one of them actually walked back to find Paul and he came up to the front to meet with us.  And it was awesome.


He was a huge fan of Baby Jae.


Because she seems to capture hearts everywhere she goes.


Jae was mostly just interested in his hat.


And Ky and I were mostly just delighted to have gotten to meet Paul.  As you can tell in this funny picture.


All in all, it was a fantastic night.  As we prepared for our five hour drive home, we excitedly chatted about our amazing evening.


And in some ways, it would be nice to say the story ended there.  But it actually got a little worse and then a lot better.  Because after driving for two hours, we realized that Ky was missing her wallet.  And after a frantic car search, and no wallet, we called Wahlburgers to see if she might have left it there.  Thankfully, someone had turned it in, and they had it safely in their possession.  However, we then came to the issue of how we were going to get it back.  And after a few calls and messages, the story ends with Wahlburgers being even more amazing than we could have hoped for.  Basically, after telling them our story of how we were five hours away and how Ky needed her license to fly home on Wednesday, they told us they would overnight ship her wallet back out of the goodness of their hearts and on their dime (well, their multiple dimes, since overnight shipping is kind of crazy).


So yes.  I was a huge fan before our adventures and am now even a bigger fan.  Because seeing businesses that have heart and that care about people?  That is an incredible thing.  And Wahlbugers is totally that kind of business.  So, if you should happen to be up in Massachusetts, you should totally stop by.  The food is incredible, that atmosphere fun and the heart of that restaurant… absolutely amazing.

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