Ellee’s First Skirt

This afternoon, heads bowed close together, they worked and pinned and sewed and adjusted and then they worked some more.


I suppose I should back up a bit.  Ms. Barb Curto, a dear family friend and a wonderful woman from our church has been giving Ellee sewing lessons this past year.  They started out sewing projects by hand and have recently been working diligently with the beautiful sewing machine that Barb brought for our sweet daughter.  And today, they finished a project that they had been working on for the past month.  It took a little bit longer, due to a few bad weather days, but I have to say, it was well worth the wait.


Because today, our sweet Ellee finished sewing her very first skirt.  And she was glowing proud and could not wait to get out and let her Mama take a few proud pictures of her beautiful creation.


Ellee’s loved dresses and skirts since the day she was born, so this project was absolutely perfect for her.


And, in case you were wondering, it runs well.  As in she could run in it, and I know this because she was more than happy to show me how fast she could go while wearing it.


We are so thankful for Ms. Barb and so proud of Ellee and her very first skirt.  I have a feeling it will be the first of many and am so delighted that our daughter was able to accomplish such an awesome project.


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