Dear Moms… Dads.  This post is for you.  It’s for those of us that have a child, or multiple ones for that matter.

Let me just start out by saying, we know our kids are special.  We know that they matter.  But often times, I’m learning, that it takes a little more for children to really understand and know that.


Often times, it takes others.  Other people who are willing to take time out of their lives to invest in your child.


Other people who are willing to sit and lend a listening ear.  Sometimes it’s as simple as sitting with them to help with a little homework.  You know, that hour that we as parents sometimes dread, if we’re being honest.


I’m writing to let you know that at our free after school program, Hangtime, we know that your child is important too.  We know that they matter… to us, but most importantly to God.  And it’s our goal each week, to let them know that they are special.


That their fun and unique personality is important.


We take time to do things like baking and cooking.  Because it’s important to do things that they love, and I’ve learned for fact over these past months, that kids love to cook.


I think it’s because they want to help.  Because they want to create.  And because they like to eat good things too, of course.  And we know that at Hangtime.  So we have this wonderful team of dedicated leaders, that create cooking projects each week for them to try.


We also take time with them to do crafts.  To let their creativity flow.


In their schools, there isn’t always enough emphasis on the arts.  But on Wednesday afternoons, we welcome them to come and create and express and they love it.  And again, we have a dedicated team of leaders who are there to offer them a variety of projects each week.


I have to give credit to my amazing husband Jeremy too.  He’s the Youth Pastor at Eastport Bible Church and has spent the last almost twelve years supporting the older kids in Jr. and Sr. High.  But every Wednesday, he takes the group of Kindergarten through Sixth Grade kids that have the extra energy over to the Elementary school to run around and play games and sports in the gym.


Oh, and one of my all time favorite things about Hangtime?  It’s seeing the kids learn to love and care for each other.  It’s seeing them lend a hand and reach out to help their friends and peers.


Parents.  Your child is so important.  And it’s our goal every Wednesday, to come around them and to support them in whatever way we can.


We’ve had about 85 total different kids come and check out Hangtime this year.  Every week, we average about 42 students that come on a weekly or rotating basis.  And each and every one of those children have been able to get a little extra love and care and support from our amazing team of Hangtime leaders.


Dear Parents, your child matters.  To you and to us.  And Hangtime is here, for our community, to support you and your wonderful children.  We meet every Wednesday, from 3:30pm-5:30pm.  We pick up right from Eastport Elementary and Tuttle Avenue School.  I know that with sports and other activities some Wednesdays might not work for your child, and that is totally fine.  We welcome them whenever it works and our doors are always open.  If you have any other questions about this program, please feel free to message me through Facebook, or email:  And to the parents who already send their children to our program, thanks.  Thanks for letting us share in being a part of your child’s amazing life.


Laura Herr, Hangtime Director


Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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