Science Fair Project Confessions

Confession Number One

So this year, for Fifth Grade, the Science Fair is mandatory.  Christian came up with three different options.  And I may have strongly encouraged Christian to pick the one that had to do with chocolate, over the one that had to do with wire coils and magnetism.  Because in my opinion, chocolate is way more interesting than magnetism.


Confession Number Two

I could post all kinds of smiling pictures and you would think that everything was happy and fun while we were doing the experiment but in reality, the Science Fair Project was actually really stressful.  We had time limitations because the days were busy and supplies that needed to be bought and in the days leading up the the due date, it brought out some ugly in our family.  I drove around to three different stores before finding the specific three paneled display.  I had a crazy moment where I almost cried in Staples because I couldn’t find one that was the right dimensions.  Thankfully, I asked a nice employee who showed me the other special area where they keep them.  Then I realized that they were kind of expensive, but was mostly just relieved to have found one.  And was it nice?  Yes.  But definitely not worth $16.99.


Confession Number Three

I am NOT scientifically minded.  I had to read through Christian’s information packet a few times to make sure that we were doing everything right.  And even then, I wasn’t 100% sure.


Confession Number Four

Ever since Christian needed stitches when he cut his finger with the world’s smallest pocket knife last year, I’m wary of letting him use real knives.  Thankfully I got over it, and he did just fine, no Science Fair stitches required.


Confession Number Five

Even though the science fair project was stressful, it was also fun when we actually did the experiments.  It was fun seeing Christian observing and recording and doing something that was hopefully scientific enough to get him a good grade.


Confession Number Six

Chocolate Candies look really gross when you melt them in the oven.


And finally, Confession Number Seven

I am so, so glad that we finally finished the Science Fair Project.  Christian typed up all of his research and we glued it to his board a few nights ago.  It was a fine balance between helping him out, but still having it be his project.  Which made me wonder, what kids do if there parents aren’t able to help them?  Anyhow, the clouds parted a bit this morning and he was able to walk his project in to school without it getting rained on.  The Science Fair is supposed to be tomorrow, but I’m curious if they will even have school with the bad weather that is reportedly rolling in.  That being said, those are my Science Fair Confessions.  I had no idea the work that went into these projects and give parents and students so much credit for all of the hard work and efforts that they’ve put in over all these years of Science Fairs.


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2 thoughts on “Science Fair Project Confessions”

  1. Loved reading this – we are in the same boat for sure. I reused the 3 panel board from last year so next time use scotch tape instead of glue! With multiple kids it save $ and time shopping! Can’t wait to see his board at the fair!

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