Halves and Wholes

So, I got just over half of the dishes put away this morning, before the frying pan started sizzling hot and I realized that I only had ten minutes to get Christian’s pancakes made before he had to leave for school.  Thankfully, he’s a quick eater and he was able to run off to school, pancake-full and happy.


Half is also the amount of hot-from-the-dryer clothes that I was able to get folded before driving Ellee to school.  Thankfully the now cold ones (mostly socks and a few towels) that will get folded soon won’t matter so much if they come out a bit wrinkly.


I was able to eat my whole breakfast bowl of fruit and yogurt breakfast.  Because, you know, priorities.


And somehow Christian and I were able to get a whole game of chess in before breakfast and before he had to leave for school.  Which was so good.  Because it’s a great way that we bond these days.  These tween years aren’t easy, but we’re working hard and finding ways to connect is always a good thing.  For the record, he beat me.  Because he’s super good at chess and is a very strategic thinker.  So while I’m all excited and moving my Rook to capture his Pawn, his Bishop is then taking out my King.   Check mate.


And to wrap up the morning, I was also able to wholly get in my morning devotions.  A little March 3rd, Jesus Calling devotion, a little Bible reading and a little writing in my Gratitude journal.  Also a little whole-hearted belting out of some great worship songs as our day was getting started.


And I realized that so often, life is fractioned, into halves and wholes  And sometimes I base my value on those ever changing numbers.  It’s a good day, if I get everything done and it’s a bad day when I have to look around at all of the half piles I’ve stacked up.  But in all reality, the most important part is that God loves and accepts me, wholly.  Because he is Holy, I suspect.  But it helps to know that.  Especially on the days that it’s easy to get down wondering why I’m not more put together and achieving things left and right.  Is it good to get things done.  Sure.  But whether or not I do, it’s still okay, because I am fully and wholly loved.  And that was just something that made me smile this morning.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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