In Like a Lion

Well, Hello March.

I’m guessing since you came in all lion-ish and fierce with a North Eastern Winter storm today, that you’ll be exiting like a lamb, right?  At least that’s how the saying goes, I believe.  This afternoon, at the sight of the first falling flakes, all I could do was sigh.  Because it sure seems like the snow and cold have lingered awfully long this year.  And paired with this past week’s stresses, most of which revolved around a certain mandatory fifth grade Science Fair project, I was feeling pretty low.


But I figured there wasn’t much good that would come out of being annoyed by more snow.  And, thankfully that Science Fair project is pretty near close to being done by now.  And so, I figured I’d take those winter lemons and make some frozen lemonade.


I was inspired to take my camera out after shooting a quick session with some sweet boys at our house this afternoon.  Thankfully they were able to come by, right before the snow got too bad.  Seeing as which we had to cancel twice before because of weather, it was so nice to get the session in.  Anyhow, after they left, I asked this sweet girl if she would go out in the snow for a few fun shots.  Of course, she was in.


She was also excited to model her new pink glasses.  We got them for a mere $15.95 online from Zenni Optical.  They have very reasonable priced kids glasses and pretty fun ones too.  It’s so funny, because I distinctly remember how I felt the first time I heard Ellee needed glasses.  I also remember how she felt sad because she thought they would make her feel different.


Almost three years later, she’s totally embraced the whole glasses thing and totally loves to wear them.  And in my humble opinion, I think she looks pretty sweet in them as well.


Back to our impromptu Snow Session.  She begged to go and take a few swings in our front yard.  Since we haven’t been up there since we got that first crazy snow, it was fun to be up there again.  Ellee quickly jumped on her swing and giggled while she swung her little heart out for a few minutes.


We stopped by a snow covered fence on our way back.  At the time, there was a few inches of accumulation.  I just read that we’re supposed to get about 4-7 inches.  Which is funny, because again, I had no idea we were getting anything at all.


But it all turned out to be okay.  It was fun to shoot a few pictures in the snow of my favorite, pink glasses girl and it made for a few fun memories as well.  So I guess it’s fine if March wants to roll in like a lion, as long as it can keep up it’s promises and roll out like a lamb.


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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