Powerhouse Gym Class: Do It for the Dupa

I’m not gonna lie.  7:15am on a Saturday morning comes early.  But for the past month, it’s been the time that I’ve been getting up and for a great reason.


Also, the sun looks really pretty at this time of day.  I’m definitely looking forward to the days where it brings a little more warmth with it, but for now, will just admire it for how beautiful it makes everything else look.


Okay, so back to the reason I would drag myself out of my warm bed so early.  It’s a new class that I’ve been taking, and it’s called, “Do It for the Dupa” and it meets every Saturday morning from 7:30am-8:30am.  “Dupa” apparently is Polish slang for the glutes and if you are looking for a great workout for that area, this would be it.


There is a great group of early risers who take this class.  I personally go to meet up with my friends Victoria and Erika who have also decided that sacrificing early morning Saturday sleep is worth it for this class.


Donovan, who is a trainer at the Powerhouse Gym in Center Moriches teaches this class (and many other ones that I’m growing to love).


It would be easy to be intimidated by him, but in all reality, he is a great and motivating trainer and teacher.  There are three classes that he teaches throughout the week that I’ve taken and I love all of them.


His classes will really give you a great workout.


For this class in particular, we spend a lot of time working on the lower area of the body, but many of the workouts are multi-faceted and will give you a great all over workout as well.


Shout out to this girl.  She is the main reason that I started taking this class.  She asked if I would meet up with her for the early morning Saturday class and I thought, “Why not?”  She works incredibly hard and is always a great encouragement to me.


Back to the class.  We always use a few weights for the different exercises.


As well as these bands.  They look innocent enough, but could be forms of medieval torture for the pain that they can inflict.  Just kidding.  Kind of.


Another thing that I appreciate is the way that Donovan works with his class to ensure form and safety.


He’s always willing to give a quick demonstration and is always very encouraging.


We did two rounds of workouts and then took time to do five minutes of planks.  Thankfully it was broken up into minute segments with a short break in between each one.  When I was planking, this was my front view…


This was my side view (you have to love a friend who will smile through five minutes of planks)…


And this was what I saw when I looked behind me.  My cute and colorful Asics.


I have to say, I would have called you crazy if you would have told me that an early Saturday morning class would be this amazing.  But it totally is.  It’s a great trainer and teacher, a great group of gym friends and an amazing class in itself.  If you’re looking for a challenging class that gets great results, I would highly recommend checking it out.


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