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Just as a forewarning, this post will mostly be about things and stuff and first world problems.  Most times, I like to write about significant things, but today, I’m just in the mood to write about the little things, so here goes:

1.  Science Fair.  Since Christian is in 5th Grade, the Science Fair was mandatory this year.  Since we skipped all of the un-mandatory ones, it was definitely a new school challenge to work through.  Let me clarify.  I have nothing against Science.  It’s just that it was never my best subject and to this day took me reading through the packet a few times to make sure we got it all right.  We still have a few weeks to get the finished product in, but did all of the experimenting yesterday, which left our house smelling like chocolate.  It actually turned out to be kind of fun, but now for the putting it all together part.  Stay tuned.


2.  I am a huge fan of the store Lush.  They sell the most beautiful and amazing natural beauty products that are super fun.  Once a year, I buy Coalface, which is the best face soap I’ve found.  It’s pricy, but one bar lasts me almost the entire year so it’s all good.  Another one of their products that are super fun are their bath bombs.  Again, the only downfall is the price, which runs for about $6 each, which adds up when you usually use one per bath.  All that being said, I found a fun do it yourself recipe on YouTube, so last night, Ellee and I made our own copycat versions.  We have a few days to let them dry so I’ll let you know how it works out.


3.  I was delighted to finally receive the Hunter Boots that I found on Ebay today.  They cost me about half of what I would have paid for ones from their website.


I’ve been in a bit of a rain boot dilemma for the past few weeks.  Yes, a fully first world problem, I know.  But still.  I ordered and sent back a total of four pairs from Zappos (which thankfully has free shipping both ways).  My biggest problem was my nice, athletic calves not being able to fit into most pairs.  I tried Aldos, 2 pairs of Kamiks and the kids version of Hunter (again, trying to save a little money).  None of them worked out.


So, you can imagine my delight when I finally found a pair of short black glossy Hunter women’s boots, size 7 on Ebay.  And I won them with a bid of $70, which is about half of what they retail for.  However, you can then imagine my dismay when I opened the box to take out my new boots, and I found these.  Shiny, but floppy and very different boots than were described (My old boots are the on left and the ones I got in the mail are on the right).  I’m convinced they are knock offs, if there is such a thing and am going to try to get my money back through Ebay.  Which leaves me wondering if I should just bite the bullet and pay full price for new ones again?  My old ones are worn down and leak now because I’ve worn them through two winters and multiple rainy days.


4.  Young Living Essential Oils.  I got the Premium Starter Kit last December, after reading other peoples experiences and wanting to try to do something a little more natural.  Thus far, I’ve been really happy with the ones that I’ve used and their results.  A short list of oils and uses so far would include:

1.  Lavender Oil

This was the main reason that got interested in the oils in the first place.  Christian has always gotten really bad nosebleeds.  He had been going through a particularly bad spell, getting them every night, so while looking for a natural remedy, I came across essential oils.  I started diffusing lavender in his room and have seen a significant change.  He’s hardly gotten any nosebleeds and if it were just for this one reason, I would say it was worth it to try them out.

2.  Thieves Oil

This one is good for boosting the immune system and for the most part, I’ve used it a few times and it’s seemed to help.  Ellee and I were both not feeling great this past week, and I diffused it in her room and it’s helped her feel better.  I’ve also used this on canker sores and while it’s pretty potent, it has helped with those as well.

3.  Frankincense

So, two days ago, I noticed that my eyelid was swollen.  And I freaked out.  Because I’m very sensitive about things that happen to my eyes.  I’m not sure why, I’m just weird.  Anyhow, a friend had gotten a stye on her eye a few weeks ago, and so I googled the symptoms and decided that I’m pretty sure I had the same thing.  So, then I goggled Young Living Essential Oils and “stye” and came up with a recipe of lavender and frankincense.  I’ve used it on my eye the past two days and I have to say that it is really helping.  The swelling in my eyelid has gone down and it is less uncomfortable.  And I’m going to chalk it up to the oils.  Because otherwise I think they can last quite awhile.

So, those would be a few oils that I’ve used and results that I’ve gotten.  Thus far, I’m super impressed.  It’s funny, because everything something comes up, I just Google Young Living Oils and whatever it is and it seems like there is an oil for just about everything.  It’s kind of nice to have an alternative for running to the doctors or medicating everything.


And that would wrap up my post about my weekend’s random things and stuff.  Sorry it wasn’t the most enlightening post, but it was kind of fun to share.  Hope you are all doing well, staying warm and enjoying the little things and stuff going on in your lives too!

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