To the Parents Whose Kids Struggle…

I walked into Ellee’s Parent Teacher Conference pretty confident.  I know our daughter, and I know where she is at.  We’ve had other meetings this year, so I knew nothing would surprise me.  But then sitting at that table, and hearing again, that our daughter is struggling with school, it hit me again, like a ton of bricks.  Tears welled up and a tiny amount of justified devastation seeped into my heart.

I hate seeing our daughter struggle.  It’s hard for her and it’s hard for me and my tightly tied mom heart strings.  I wish things were easier for her when it comes to school.  I see her work hard, but as she gets older, the demands get bigger and it just seems harder these days.


So I sat for awhile and had a pity party for myself.  Worry came along and gave me a little panic attack for how we were going to get through second grade and then every grade after that.  And my mind churned aimlessly, thinking around things I had no control of, and my heart hurt a little more.

And then, I decided to suck it up and get over it.

Because our daughter is amazing.  She is a gift and we wouldn’t want her any other way.  She is beautiful on the outside, but knows it’s most important to be beautiful on the inside.  She loves Jesus and she loves others.  She is crafty and can sew and create all sorts of wonderful things.  And as much as I would love for her not to struggle, she does.  And it’s okay.  Because she will learn to be strong.  And a hard worker.  And she will change the world.

I also have to thank my amazing husband too, for helping me today.  Because while I was struggling, he was speaking truth.  He told me truths about Ellee and about her struggle.  That she is on a journey.  And that she is sweet and incredible and amazing.  And that our daughter is going to be just fine.  And he is totally right.

So, to the parents that have kids who struggle.  It’s okay.  We can sit and feel bad about it.  Or we can move forward.  We can speak truth, to our own hearts and to our kids’ hearts.  That there are things in life that are important, like school.  But that God created us each in the way He wants us to be.  And as parents, God gave us the children that he knew would be perfect for us.  And that we get the incredible gift of helping them and supporting them and teaching them and speaking truth into their hearts.  And no matter how hard things get, this is just the way that I know things are supposed to be.  We will continue to love and support our children in whatever ways they need, trusting in God’s wisdom and strength as we move on in this wonderful life He’s given us.

*Also, just wanted to add that Ellee’s teacher and school are absolutely outstanding.  We are also so thankful for their help and support.  It’s a huge blessing to Ellee and a huge blessing to our family to know there are such loving and caring educators that are helping her.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

One thought on “To the Parents Whose Kids Struggle…”

  1. This was encouraging to read. Our daughter is just in pre-school but also struggles. She is creative and smart but when it comes to performing along the expectations of the classroom she struggles. I battle the ideas of wanting my child to conform to the expectations like all the other kids versus the desire for her to be independent and unique…which can sometimes lead to struggles and misunderstandings. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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