A Baby Story

This is my younger sister, Sarah.  You might not be able to tell, but she is the mom of five little ones, all five years old and under.  And last week, I flew home to share in the experience of the birth of her fifth baby.


I arrived in Muskegon on Wednesday night and met up with her on Thursday.  A few months ago, she hypothesized that she would be having the baby about this time.  I was especially missing my family and my sisters and nieces and nephews, so I booked tickets and thankfully, her timing was right on.


My mom and sister Leslie were also in the room as Sarah labored.  And because you probably can’t tell, Leslie is also pregnant, but with her eighth.  My sisters are Supermoms.


We chatted through the afternoon, and Sarah was incredible.  She didn’t have any pain medication at all, and was pretty quiet, even through her toughest contractions.


I have no idea how she did it.  I only experienced the beginning contractions, before I had an epidural and then couldn’t feel any pain.  And those first labor pains were pretty awful themselves.  It was a quiet strength she showed, as she labored on and on, barely making a noise.


And soon enough, she was ready to deliver.  I think she only pushed about three times, and then the baby was here.

2014-12-16_007 2014-12-16_008

I cried.  Tears at the beauty of birth and tears of relief for my dear sister who had gone through so much.


Everyone was overjoyed at the arrival of my newest nephew.


Simeon Levi, came into the world on December 11th  at 19 inches long and weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces.


While Dad cut the cord,


Grandma and Aunts looked on with joy.


I have to admit, it was kind of amazing.


He was perfect and wonderful and strong.  He gripped right on to his Daddy’s hand and didn’t let go for a second.



Though this picture makes it seems like it could have been their first baby, this was their fifth time, meeting a precious new baby.


My mom was a proud Grandma.


And Don’s parents were there just a little bit after, to welcome the baby as well.


Of course Leslie was excited to hold her new nephew.  It’s funny, because she just adores newborns and babies.  Which makes sense that she has seven, soon to be eight of her own.


I am so happy that I got to be present for the birth of my newest nephew.  Lots of love and prayers go out to my sister and her newest baby.  She was actually back in the hospital with a bad infection a day after she got home with Simeon and right after I left to fly home.  So my older sister Leslie has been taking care of all five of her kids, including the baby, making her home a house full of 12 children, eleven and under.  I’m thankful to share that Sarah went home from the hospital today, though she will still have need for some rest as she continues to recover.  I’m so thankful for God’s continued hand and protection on her and her family.


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