Children’s Christmas Play 2014

Yesterday, I flew back from Michigan and got home at 3:00am.  I didn’t have much time to recuperate, because it also happened to be the day of our long awaited, Children’s Christmas Play.  So after church and Moms Group, I spent the afternoon making up the Play bulletins and doing last minute preparations for that night.  Also, I took our kids’ annual Christmas pictures and ordered my cards online.  Because I had completely forgotten to do that earlier this month.

I have to be honest.  I had no idea how much work goes into doing a Christmas play.  And I fully applaud and give credit to all of those who have ever been involved in such a production.  Because it’s a lot of work.  Thankfully, I had a lot of help.  And by the time the kids started to arrive and get their costumes on, we were ready to go.


There is just something so precious about little kids dressed up as Nativity animals.  These sweet girls perfectly played the parts of our Christmas Dove and camel.


There is also something so amazing about a fifth grader who was totally willing to be Joseph.  Jake had such a great attitude and did a fantastic job and we are so thankful for him.


And our sweet Emma was an amazing Mary.  I absolutely love this girl’s heart and her wonderful smile.


Ellee was delighted to be matching with her friend Sofia.  They were the conductors for the night and it was so fun to see them work hard.


After a good amount of time getting ready, we started off the evening when my friend Lennon played “Carol of the Bells” on the piano.  It was the perfect way to kick off the evening.


The rest of the night involved Shepherds and Kings.


And a wonderful crew of Christmas play singers and actors.


I was so incredibly proud of the kids.


They were adorable.


And they all did a great job telling the story of the birth of Jesus.


And this sweet 3rd grader?  She narrated the entire story, confidently and beautifully.


All in all, it was a wonderful night for a Children’s Christmas Play.


I’m so thankful for each and every student who participated to present the most wonderful part of Christmas, Jesus’ birth.


I have to admit.  In between the running around and trying to make sure everything was going smoothly, I did not take nearly as many pictures or videos as I would have liked.  But I got what I was able to get what I could get and I put together a little video of our special night below.  A huge, huge thanks to all of the kids and leaders who worked so hard to make our night a success.

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