Gingerbread Houses and Basketball Games

Our Saturday was spent making Gingerbread Houses with these amazing friends.

2014-12-07_001 2014-12-07_002 2014-12-07_003 2014-12-07_004 2014-12-07_005 2014-12-07_006 2014-12-07_007 2014-12-07_008

Then, we got to welcome ESM’s Stuff a Bus, which was filled with canned goods and non-perishables for our church’s Food Pantry.  The nicest group of students brought in bags and bags of food and we really appreciate them and their hard work.  This food will go to a variety of families throughout the winter who are in need.


Afterwards, we headed out for Christian’s first basketball game of the season.

 2014-12-07_011 2014-12-07_012 2014-12-07_013 2014-12-07_014 2014-12-07_015 2014-12-07_016 2014-12-07_017 2014-12-07_018 2014-12-07_019 2014-12-07_020

Christian’s team ended up winning and it was a fun way to start off the season.


And that about sums it up.  Lots of pictures, few words and a girl who is ready to finish up this day.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you are enjoying the weekend!

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