The Only Black Friday Shopping I Do…

So, the only Black Friday Shopping I do (besides online) is just under a mile away at our local Rite Aid Store.  I don’t camp out, there is no craziness and I still get to save a lot of money.  This year, my shopping was broken up into two trips.  For the my first trip, I got all of the following.


It would have retailed at $55.06 before tax.  Since I’m a frequent Rite Aid shopper, I maximize my savings by getting 20% off regular priced retail (since I’m a Gold Member… which just sounds cooler than it really is) and with +Up Rewards (which you can use like cash on most any item in the store).  I had $10 in rewards that I used for this trip and with my other savings, I paid $36.45 for everything.  Which isn’t so bad, but is even better when I tell you that I then got back $35.54 in +Up Rewards.


I then used those rewards for today’s shopping trip, where I got all of the following.  I would have paid $66.76 before tax for everything I purchased.  However, I paid only $1.80 after using my rewards from yesterday.  And then I got back another $32.00 in rewards to use on another trip.


So, all together, I got $121.82 worth of items for $38.25 out of pocket.  After my last trip, I got $32.00 back in rewards that I can use as cash for my next trip to Rite Aid.  Which I will make and which I will easily spend at that store.  Again, it’s so close and has lots of the basic items that we need and use.  So, in a sense, I paid $6.25 for everything that I bought over the last two days.

I have to admit, it’s a fun short of shopping game to play.  And I have help.  I use the website, to help me with figuring out the best deals.  I don’t mind making a few trips up to that store, and I don’t mind if at times the cashiers look at me funny because of the rewards and coupons I use.  I’m especially excited this year to find some fun ways to share some of the items I got.  All in all, it made for a fun weekend of minimal shopping with maximum savings.

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