Hangtime Week 6

So, we finished up our first official month of Hangtime.  And it was pretty fantastic.  Because who wouldn’t want to spend Wednesday afternoons with these cute kids?


It’s been going well.  Homework time is solid and the kids are doing a great job of getting a good portion of their work done.


Pastor Jerry was there today, and even brought out real money to help one of the students with her worksheet on money.  It was really cool, and helped to make that real life connection.


Our Hangtime leaders are amazing.


Simply amazing.


They sit with love and patience,


helping each student do their work.


And in other parts of the room, you’ll find sweet groups of students getting their work done.  And I love it, I really do.

After snack and homework, we had our lesson time.  Our verse of the month, is James 1:19, which says, “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”  We talked about ways that they could be quick to listen to their parents and slow to speak back to a sibling that said something mean.  Next week we’ll tackle the angry part of the verse.  And I have to say that lesson time is also my favorite time.  Because I get to share such good things with 35 amazing kids.  Another one of my favorites, is a good old fashioned photo bomb.  Well played, everyone.  Well played.


After lesson time, came the workshops.


Little girls crafted Thanksgiving wreaths,


While others enjoyed one of the last warm fall days we’ll have in awhile.


These dedicated students got started practicing for our upcoming Children’s Christmas play.  They were the dedicated ones that came to the first practice, but since 20 other Christmas play cds and scripts were handed out, I have a feeling that they will be joined by more of their talented friends soon.


Down in the kitchen, sweet girls with floury faces were baking Apple Turnovers.  They made the entire church basement smell amazing.


And that sums up our 6th Hangtime afternoon.  God has blessed this program tremendously.  I could not be happier with the turnout of students and leaders.  We had 6 new students join us today, so if your family is local and the timing works, we would love to have your kids join us, anytime.  Thanks so much for taking time to check out our amazing program.


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