So, if I were to share a few random thoughts with six iPhone shots from the day, they would include the following:

1.  Tea Tree Oil is my new best friend

So, a weird fact about me would be that I get a lot of random burns.  I’ve mostly collected them from common household dangers like irons and ovens.  But the last two burns that I got were from boiling water.  One was on my stomach when the water splashed back at me and the other I got today.  I was putting a bowl in the microwave, when it slipped and splashed into the pot of boiling water below.  I was worried, because the water splashed all over my left arm.  I immediately put my arm under cold water for awhile, and then covered it with flour.  Because I read somewhere that that helps.  And then I prayed.  Because for vanity reasons, I really didn’t want to have a bad burn all over my arm.  And after I prayed, I remembered something about tea tree oil being good for burns.  So I got out the jar that I bought last time I was at Trader Joes and have been putting it on intermittently throughout the afternoon.  And I’m so happy to share that it’s working!  The burn that could have been really bad, is just a little bit red and it seems like it’s going to be just fine.  And it must be something, because when I got the burn on my stomach, from boiling water, it was pretty bad and I still have a good inch and a half scar from it.  So, overall, I’m going to fully attribute it to prayer and tea tree oil.


2.  Invention

Can someone please invent something other than big brown cardboard boxes that hold tiny little items and then just sit there for me to have to break down and then take up lots of room in my garbage?  First world problems, I know.  But seriously, there’s got to be a better solution, right?  Any design engineers out there that could tackle this problem would be real heroes in my book.


3. Click Heat

I’m pretty sure I have an invisible sign on my forehead that says, “I will buy things, if you talk me into it.”  And the people at those little center aisle mall kiosks can spot people like me from a mile away.  So, the other day, when I was walking by, minding my own business, one of them stopped me and showed me something that I “had to have.”  The company was Click Heat, and they sold all sorts of hand warmer packs and neck warmers and back massagers that with the click of a little metal button would instantly heat up to a glorious warmth.  The speech was pretty good.  And when I started to walk away, unsure, they threw in the old, buy one box, get one free.  And they had me.  I walked away, having paid $30 for six small pocket warmers, similar to the disposable ones that we’ve used many times.  I got them home, and I have to admit, they’ve been fun.  The kids are having a blast with them, and there is something so comforting to having a little pack of warmth to enjoy.  The downside, because there is always downsides, would be that they don’t quite stay warm for the hour that I was told (it’s more like 20 minutes) and when they get cold, they turn solid and you have to boil them to reactivate them.  The upside is that for whatever reason, I don’t mind boiling them every half hour and our kids and I are absolutely loving them.  I think it’s worth the $30, for random fun.


4.  Fun Run

The kids were off from school today, because it’s Voting Day, and their school is a voting site.  We decided earlier that we would have a family night out, so for the sake of time, I planned to not go to the gym tonight, even though it’s my favorite class.  I knew I still needed to get a good workout in so Christian and I went for a run.  I absolutely love running with our son.  It’s healthy and bonding and cleansing and awesome.  We ran locally, and I’m so excited to share that I ran today’s 5K in 27 minutes!  It’s my best time yet.


5. Voting

Speaking of voting, we did.  In Eastport, we used to have those cool red velvet voting booths, where you got to pull a cool lever and there were hanging chads, and it was all so old school.  Now, it’s not as fun.  Just a felt tip pen and a dozen circles to fill in.  I had to laugh when I saw the “Stop Common Core” category.  I’m not a huge fan, and there must be enough others that aren’t either, to have it be so strongly outlined on the ballot.


6. Daddy and Ellee

And finally.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Daddy and Ellee iPhone shots.  Just saying.


And those would be my random thoughts paired with six iPhone shots.  Thanks for stopping by and happy Tuesday night to you all!

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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