One of a Kind

Our daughter is one of a kind.  She was such a content baby that when she woke up, she wouldn’t cry.  She’d just talk to herself and her stuffed animals till we realized she was awake.  She’s danced around in dresses and skirts ever since I can remember.  And as she’s growing older, we’ve seen this beautiful embrace of being comfortable with exactly who she is.  And I love it.

There have definitely been times that we’ve clashed on this confidence though.  Most recently was when she found a three wheeled Winnie Walker in the parsonage garage and insisted on walking around with it.  In case you were wondering, a Winnie Walker is one of those medical assistance walkers that elderly people use.  And for some reason, she just loved it.  “Please Mom!” she’d beg, “PLEASE can I bring my “cart” to the store?  It’s so helpful!  I can carry STUFF around in it.  PLEASE?”  And I’d try to tell her that it would be weird for people to see a little girl walking around with a walker for no apparent reason, and mostly was held back by my own inhibitions with it.

Well, fast forward to a few days ago, when I came up with a perfect solution.  Lately Ellee has been playing “store” with an old Barbie cash register and a lot of creativity.  She’s rigged up quite the store setup, and has been playing whole heartedly ever since.  So, I went on Amazon, and found her a real shopping cart.


It has two shelves and she was instantly in love with it.  I told her that she had to give up the Winnie Walker, and she quickly obliged.  She decorated her cart and has been pushing it around happily ever since.


Today, she made a home for Koko and has been taking her on “walks” all morning.


“She LOVES it,” she told me.  And I kind of think that she was right, since Koko seemed to be quite content being pushed around.


She added a few extra stuffed animals and baskets at the bottom and was good to go.


And I learned a little something, looking at our precious girl.


It’s good to be okay with who you are.  If you want to push around a cart and play till your heart’s content, why not?  Why let others opinions stand in your way?


She was happy, and she was proud.  And there is a huge part of my mom’s heart that is rooting for that so much.  I hope that she will always be content, and happy and proud being the amazing little girl that God has created her to be.


Just a few fun thoughts on the morning of our holiday weekend.  We are off to do some last minute school shopping and to enjoy a beautiful day together.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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