Barefoot Backyard Theatre

So, yesterday afternoon, I was invited to come and capture candids at the Barefoot Backyard Theatre.  And I have to say it was an absolute delight.  First things first though.  This is Kelly Dechene.  And I had the privilege of getting to know this amazing woman more this past year.  From what I see, she’s a bit like Super Woman.  She had awesome kids, she leads a Girl Scout Troop and she does a lot of great things up at the school.


Also, apparently, she has the world’s greatest Barefoot Backyard Theatre.  Walking into her yard to see this scene was so amazing.  Seriously.  Inviting children to your home to paint and create and act… that is a beautiful thing.


I loved how there was something for everyone.  I’ve actually been trying to talk Christian into participating in the 5th grade play this year at his school.  Because I think it’s nice to be well rounded in the activities that you participate in.  He told me that he’s not so much into acting, but after seeing the kids at the Barefoot Backyard Theatre, he got to see that there were so many other aspects to a great production.


He told me that maybe he could try to do some of the behind the scenes work, like these awesome sound guys.  And I was totally happy with that.


And the actual play?  It was fantastic.


The kids all did an amazing job.


As I captured candids, I found myself laughing and enjoying the different scenes.


I love that kids all have their different gifts and talents.


And I love opportunities for kids to showcase them.


These years of childhood fly by all too quickly.  And I think as parents, we all want to help our kids find their strengths, and their callings.


And these kids?  Oh yes, they have most certainly found theirs.  And who would have thought that it could happen, right in the backyard of an incredible woman who wanted to give them an opportunity to be amazing?


A huge congratulations to the kids of the Barefoot Backyard Theatre!


Their play, Snow White, debuts this Saturday, at 7:30pm.


 I got to see a sneak peak and it was fantastic fun, for all ages.  I’m so excited for them and know that they will do an incredible job and that all of their hard work is sure to pay off.  UPDATE:  Since a few people were asking, I talked to Kelly and unfortunately the Saturday performance is sold out 😦  The good news is that Kelly is planning on doing more Barefoot Backyard Theatre camps next summer so I’m sure you can contact her for more information on upcoming productions.


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4 thoughts on “Barefoot Backyard Theatre”

  1. Unfortunately we have sold out of our show. Stay tuned for next year – and join us on Facebook at Barefoot Theatre!

  2. What a fantastic, special and amazing Lady to expose talented children to theatre! Kelly Dechne I want to thank you for the great job you are doing with the kids. Children that participate in plays grow up to be well rounded adults. I cannot wait to see the performance on Saturday.

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