Splish Splash and Nearly Free Things

Today, we took our annual Youth Group Splish Splash trip, to Splish Splash.  I’ll be honest.  I’m not naturally a huge fan of water parks.  But today, I purposed in my heart to make the most of it, and I actually did and it was awesome.  As with most years, I spent most of my time with this sweet girl, but this year, we were adventurous.  We hit up the slides and the lazy river and had a wonderful time.


The only person who enjoyed the Lazy River more than we did, was this guy.  We met up with him for lunch after he took a nice nap on the ride.


We also caught up with a few of our awesome students too.



I have to admit.  I have a love/hate relationship with amusement park foods.  I kind of love it, because I’m usually super hungry by the time we eat but then I eat it and it’s never really all that great.  And every year, as I wait in line for the popcorn chicken, I always wonder who would ever be brave enough to get the Hot Flyer, especially after seeing this sign?  All that being said, Ellee and I shared the chicken, and then I worked out to compensate for it at my gym class tonight.


Christian had a blast hanging out at the park with his friend Adam.  He is inching up closer and closer to actually being in Youth Group in a few years, but until then loves spending time hanging out with our amazing students.


More cute pics from lunch.  I realized that since it’s a water park, it’s really the only time I brought out my little camera.



As we were walking back to the locker to put everything away, I had to take a picture of this blue skunk raccoon and wonder who would ever actually want to win it?  Apparently I do a lot of wondering while at the water park.


Anyhow, we fit in a few more rides and then ended our day with these delicious treats.  To the inventor of Dippin Dots, I thank you for creating such yummy, tiny balls of ice-cream.  It’s always a fun treat.


After a full day at the water park, and then one of my best Boot Camp classes of the summer (thanks to Webby and the amazing people at my gym), I stopped by Rite Aid on the way home, sweaty and gross, but on a mission.  I have to say, there are some pretty great sales at Rite Aid this week.  I haven’t had much time for couponing this summer, but I pulled it all together, because there were so many worthwhile things to check out this week.  The first being my favorite laundry detergent.  Do I pay $9.99 a bottle for this normally?  Of course not.  But when it’s $2.94 after a coupon, I definitely stock up.


Other purchases from the trip would include three electric toothbrushes.  Two are just ones that we really love and the one in the middle retails for $32ish dollars, but after coupons and rewards, I picked it up for $8.


I also got some toothpaste, which we needed and these razors because they were only a dollar.


This is my all time favorite shampoo and conditioner.  It smells delicious and works wonders with my hair.  And it was also on sale for $2 a bottle.


And finally, I got four packs of mentos.  Because with the sale this week, they are only .25 cents each and it kind of brought me back to my childhood, when you could get good candy for a quarter.  Or maybe it was 50 cents.  Hmm.  I’m starting to question how old I am and how accurately I remember the prices of candy… Either way, you get it.


All that being said, all of this, and a few additional items that the kids threw in, ended up being only $38.91.  I saved $62.09 using coupons and rewards.  Oh, and I should also mention, that by using Hip2Save.com, my favorite website that shares all the good deals each week. I also got $26.50 back in rewards (and they can be used for anything at Rite Aid on a future trip).  So, about $12.41 for everything.  If I sound braggy, I apologize.  But seriously, there are some solid deals at Rite Aid this week, and if you want to check them out, you can, here.  I should mention that I was there yesterday, picking up our favorite Crest Rinse and Floss and I got them for nearly free.  Couponing for things that we use and love is kind of my favorite, so I thought I would share so you can check out the good deals too.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!


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