A way of life…

Our Costa Rica Missions trip is drawing to a close. And I know that I will come home tomorrow, tired, but changed. God has worked so many great things into this week… So many great things and hard things and life changing things. Tonight, Will Reid shared during our devotion time. And he ended by saying, “Missions shouldn’t be reserved just for trips. It should be a way of life.” And I know for myself, there is no greater way to live life than by sharing Jesus and his love with others. It was brilliant encouragement for the end of an incredible experience. I’m excited to get home and to continue missions wherever I’m at.

Today, was our last full day in Costa Rica. It was our planned day off, and we started it out with a trip to an Ox Cart store. First we stopped by to see this incredibly large and beautiful ox cart. And I made the Einfeldts take a picture in front of it, because that is what I do.


Next to the cart was this amazing little shop where they actually made and painted all sorts of ox carts. It was interesting and fun and we got some solid souvenirs there.



I had to take a picture of this, because I love Nativity scenes and they had all sorts of them. You could buy Baby Jesus and his family in an egg, in a walnut boat and even in a tea pot.


After the shop, we boarded our bus and drove out to an active volcano. A few things to note. We pre planned to take this trip and so everything we did was included in the initial cost. Also, the roads in Costa Rica are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately, I felt pretty carsick the entire time, as we drove though the twisting and turning roads that led up to the volcano. I would have loved to have gotten more pictures of our surroundings, but I was mostly just praying that we would get there as soon as possible because I felt so sick. Thankfully, we did, and it was able to enjoy our excursion. And finally, I’m not sure what the volcano was called, but it was pretty awesome and it looked like this.


While up at the volcano, we ate at a nearby restaurant. I got to sit by this handsome guy. I love him so much and am so proud of all that he did to lead our team this week.


This is a shot of our restaurant. It was beautiful.


After we ate, we drove to our final destination for the day, the Baldi Hot Springs. When we initially picked hot springs for our excursion, I had pictured something like a few mud puddles in the middle of the rainforest. Instead, we ended up at the most beautiful resort I have ever seen. There were multiple levels of pools that were all fed by natural hot springs and it was the experience of a lifetime. I’ll be honest, I spent most of the time enjoying the day with Jer, our leaders and our students. I did grab my camera at the end to commemorate the day. My pictures aren’t even close to doing this place justice, but here are a few.



And that was our day. We left the hot springs around 6 and God graciously spared me from being too carsick. It was a little frightening, as our drive home was in the dark, over narrow bridges and with lots of fog. Our bus driver should get a gold star for being so incredible. Tomorrow, we will leave for the airport around 10 and travel all day to get back home pretty late. Prayers for safe travel will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!

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