Leaving on a jet plane…

We are on our way. This morning was spent finishing up last minute things. We said our family goodbyes and I drove the kids over to our friend’s home where they will be staying while we are away. There were no teary goodbyes, which was nice. As I drove away, a silent prayer was prayed for their comfort and safety while we were away as well as thanksgiving, knowing that they were in good hands.

We met up with our team and their parents today at 3:00pm. We prayed and boarded the big church bus, which would be followed by one of the parents whose van held all of our luggage. On the trip to the airport, the atmosphere was one of excitement. I personally, am so excited to see the great things that God will do through our team on this missions trip.

We arrived at the airport and got checked in and through security with no problems. We all grabbed dinner and then boarded our flight. Everyone was awesome and is currently doing well. As I look around the plane at our team, most people are either sleeping or listening to music. Which brings me to mention, I’m currently blogging, while flying 3600 feet above the ground. It’s a first, and it’s pretty cool.

And that’s about it. We will have a short layover in Florida, before heading down to Costa Rica. I’m hoping to publish this there, but we’ll see how it goes. For all of the parents reading this, your kids are amazing and doing well. Please be praying for them and that God will do great things in their hearts on this trip. For most of us, it’s been a whirlwind leading up to the trip. We even had two of our seniors graduate this morning. I think that for all of us, it’s starting to become very real. I know for myself, I haven’t had much time to actually think about everything, but it’s definitely getting real, and my excitement for this next week and a half is definitely growing.

I can’t wait to share the great things that God will do…



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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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