Powerhouse Pilates

I realized that other day, that I’ve been going to the Powerhouse Gym in Center Moriches for over two years now.  And, if you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know I’m a huge fan of the gym.  I love the classes, the people and the sweating.  Granted, sweating outside of the gym is kind of awkward and even a little gross, sweating when you’re at the gym is this beautiful kind of release and I love it.

 When I go to the gym, I want to make the most of the hour I’m there.  So I take classes.  Because goodness knows, I have no motivation to go and try to figure out how to use the machines in the main areas.  Quick shoutout though, because my gym did recently just add beautiful new state of the art treadmills and other exercise equipment.  Back to the classes.  Usually, I’m at the Bootcamp classes, Webby’s Wednesday Workout (changes every week, but it’s always good), Cross Training or the Rip Hiit classes.  They are cardio classes and they are incredible.  But recently, I had the chance to check out the Total Body Pilates class and I was impressed.


This is Alec.  He teaches the weekly Pilates class.  He’s motivating and he did a great job leading the class.


I like that Pilates requires minimal equipment.


The participants were mostly just using their own bodies to create strength and tension.


It was pretty cool to see.


And I was very impressed by the strength that it took to accomplish the different movements.


These women were strong and in control.  And they worked hard all throughout the hourlong class.


If you’re looking for a challenging Pilates workout, I would highly suggest that you check out Alec’s Total Body Pilates class.  It meets weekly, at 8:30am at the Powerhouse Gym in Center Moriches.


And here’s a little promo video so you can see for yourself, all that is involved.

Total Body Pilates from Laura Herr on Vimeo.

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