Basically, this past week, has been amazingly full.  So I thought I’d share a few highlights and here they are.

Summer Kick Off Barbecue

Last Thursday, we had our annual Summer Kick Off Barbecue.  Because it’s mostly summer.  Our kids still have school through Friday.  We ate delicious food, played a few rounds of Thunderball and everyone had a great time.


We have some amazing kids in our Youth Group.  And they have an amazing Youth Pastor, in my personal opinion.  You have to love a guy who’s not afraid to photobomb a picture or two, right?


World Cup

We had our second World Cup party on Sunday.  Our crowd grew and we added a few more American flags too.


When the US scored their two goals, we celebrated with a loud run down the street.  I found out later that the Night Church congregation could hear us and I can only imagine what they were thinking.  It’s unfortunate that we weren’t able to celebrate a win, but according to the soccer experts in our group, we’re not in that bad of shape to advance.


Beautiful Friends and Beautiful Celebrations

On Saturday, I got to celebrate with this amazing woman.  Her family invited me to capture beautiful video and pictures at her retirement party and it was a great honor, because beautiful, well accomplished people should be celebrated.


More Beauty

Then, on Sunday, we got to celebrate more beautiful things when we joined our sweet friends Casey and Erin for a beautiful girls day.  Since I’m going to at some point share more about that later, I’ll just say it was such a memorable afternoon and we were blessed to be a part of it.  The little girls got a friendship necklace pictured here and had a great time connecting it throughout the day.



When I looked at this week’s calendar, I was happy to see that it was our first week off from our regular youth group schedule.  I thought we would have a bit of a slower week, but then Jeremy told me that he had three softball games and that filled it right back up again.  It’s fun to watch Jeremy and our team play.  They had a great win on Monday night and we are so proud of them all.


Gym Things

Throughout this year, I’ve been taking pictures and creating video promos for Powerhouse Gym in Center Moriches.  I love doing these because I love my gym and the beautiful people that go there.  I just finished up the Pilates promo and this was one of my favorite shots from that class.  My gym friends are pretty amazing, if you ask me.


Newborn Session times Two

And finally, yesterday, I got to hang out with this awesome family.  We had a newborn session with the twins and it was awesome.  But challenging too.  I don’t do a whole lot of newborn sessions, but when I do, my admiration for newborn photographers grows increasingly.  All that being said, we got some fun shots and it was wonderful to see those sweet babies again.


And that’s about it.  These next few days are also packed full, while everything is leading up to Saturday, when we will leave for our Missions Trip to Costa Rica.  We are taking a team of 25 and will be gone for a week and a half.  We have wonderful friends who will be watching our home and our kids and when I can get through the rest of things that need to get done, I know that I am really excited about it.  Thanks so much for stopping by and catching up with me.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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