Stockade Shape and Race Derby

If you or someone you know has ever participated in the Stockade Boys Program at Eastport Bible Church, then chances are, you have been where we were last night.


This is Christian’s first year of Stockade.  It has been incredible.  He has learned so much and had lots of fun along the way.  Last night was a significant night, because it was the annual Shape and Race Derby Night.


A few weeks ago, each boy was given a block of wood similar to the one shown here.  They picked their design, spent quite a bit of time sanding everything and finished up with a sleek paint job and high hopes of their car being the winner.


It was fun to be a part of the derby.


Ellee was absolutely delighted to be there to cheer on her big brother.


Each car raced a total of 8 times, two on each of the four tracks.  I don’t know who was more into the races, the boys


Or their leaders?


The anticipation was exciting


And there were definitely some close calls.


Jer was there, excited to root for Christian and especially excited to be able to cheer for him on two good ankles.  A few days ago, he got the clearance to go ahead and walk without the walking boot.  He put on his brand new pair of New Balances and has been doing great ever since.  Praise God for continued healing and rehabilitation!


As the night went on


It was exciting to see the reactions of the boys as they cheered on their cars.


I’m proud to share that Christian got a few first places with his stealth black car.


And at the end of the night, he won second place for overall appearance.


He was pretty proud as well.


We had a wonderful night surrounded by wonderful friends.


Celebrating our sons is something that is so important and so special.  I’m so thankful to Nathan Tuttle, the Stockade leaders and the program that Christian and so many attended this year.  Training our boys to love God and do good things is one of the most important investments that we can make and I’m so thankful for programs that help out with this!


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