He’s Back

He’s back.  After spending last week at a Pastor’s Conference in Michigan and then the weekend at our church’s Men’s Retreat, I’m happy, so happy to say that my amazing husband is back home.  Granted, we most certainly missed him.  But at the same time, I was really happy that he was able to get away for a bit, after having spent the past seven weeks recuperating from surgery on his broken ankle.  At both the conference and the retreat, he was able to spend some good quality time with some pretty amazing people.  However, as I mentioned before, we are incredibly happy to have him back home with us.


The kids were so excited to have Daddy home.  I snapped a few shots tonight as they were all catching up over a game of Pokemon.  Christian claims that he finally knows how to play “for real” and has been having quite a bit of fun teaching our family all about it.  Yes, it’s most certainly good to be all together again.  Oh, and I probably should mention that Jer’s ankle is doing really well.  He’s finally able to walk in a walking boot and has been making improvements every day.  His physical therapist was super impressed with how far he’s come in just over a week.  We totally praise God for his great recovery and are continuing to trust him through this healing process.


In other news, this is a picture of my Rite Aid haul from Sunday.  At one point yesterday, I had figured out how much I had spent and saved, but somehow lost the receipt.  UPDATE:  Found the receipt.  Thanks to a $20 reward that I had from the previous week, I’m pretty sure that I only paid $2.70, and then earned another $21 in rewards, making it all free with a bit of a profit.  There are definitely some pretty good deals this week, and I think that you should stop by my favorite money saving website, Hip2Save and see if there are any deals that might fit your needs.  I actually stopped in again today, when Jer was at physical therapy and picked up some Clear Men’s Shampoo (expensive, but so good), two more razors and two more shaving creams.  I used coupons, paid $3.34 for about $40 worth of products and got another $12 in rewards for my next visit.


I’ll be honest.  It’s a fun game for me, but sometimes I do worry that I might become an extreme-couponing hoarder.  So I try my best, to make sure that I only buy things that we will use.  I also have fun sharing my good finds with our friends.  For instance, last week, when I came home with 30 bottles of Finesse hair products, I happily passed them out to a few unsuspecting friends that I thought my like a bottle, or four, of shampoos.

Anyhow, the couch, the Miami Heat game and my handsome husband are beckoning.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Monday!

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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